Bells of Happiness

Zvonky šťastia >< 62 min. >< 2012 >< SK >< documentary

directors: Marek Šulík, Jana Bučka
scriptwriters: Marek Šulík, Jana Bučka
script editor: Jan Gogola ml.
cinematography: Štefan Bučka
editor: Peter Kotrha
cast: Mariena Mirgová, Roman Lacko, Adriana Lacková, Miro Čonka

production: OZ Žudro (SK), Punkchart films (SK), Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska (SK)

Pregnant Mariena and her cousin Roman live with their families in a poor Roma settlement in Eastern Slovakia. They admire two Czecho-Slovak pop stars – Karel Gott and Dara Rolins. They like their life style and their songs. They decide to send them a DVD with a video-message and Roma remix of their hit Bells of Happiness. The film traces the process of shooting this message on the background of their life in the settlement.

world premiere: 20th Art Film Fest IFF, 2012, Slovak Republic
international premiere: 47th Karlovy Vary IFF, 2012, Czech Republic
distribution premiere: 2. 9. 2012 (FILMTOPIA, Slovak Republic)

other festivals and awards:
Ex Oriente Workshop: Golden Funnel Award >< 7th Cinematik IFF, 2012, Slovak Republic: Film Europe Award for Best Slovak Documentary >< 117th Etnofilm Čadca IFDF, 2012, Slovak Republic: Award of the Chairman of the Žilina Self-Governing Region >< 24th Trieste FF, 2013, Italy support: Slovak Audiovisual Fund >< Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic [gallery link="file" ids="109,108,107,106,105,104,103,102,101"]